Wild Truth is a new adventure reality series that takes you on adventures around Australia and the rest of the globe, as we discover the Wild Truth about this Planet, its awesome Wildlife and the extraordinary people that we meet along the way.

Draw inspiration from the characteristics that we discover in animals and the core values we find in people that can inspire us to overcome life’s challenges and achieve the impossible, as we empower the next generation to achieve their dreams and desires and live a successful life.

From the Crocodile infested waters of the Northern Territory, to the Jungles of North Queensland, the Wild Truth team go in search of some of the deadliest and most captivating wildlife as we discover the characteristics that help these creatures prosper and learn how we can draw inspiration from them in our everyday lives.

The Wild Truth adventure reality series incorporates the traditions of the Indigenous Culture in Australia as we bring educational and inspirational messages of hope to this generation in a fun and engaging way.